Note to Self

A yellow tag on my mirrorIMG_0476

      Pick up the dry cleaning


      Stand up straight

       Call your mother

A paper scrap by the coffee machine

        Pay the phone bill

        Mind your p’s and q’s

        Don’t worry so much

        Buy more coffee

On the refrigerator, stuck under a magnet

          Don’t eat that

          Eat this instead

          Eat what you want

          Drink more water

An email on my computer

            Get off Email

            Close down Facebook


            Okay, maybe five minutes of Facebook

Scribbled on the palm of my hand

              Sing loud

             Laugh louder

             Love more

             Forgive, forget

             Remember the rest

             I left you a note


Writer’s Platitude for the Weekend

broken pencil“I decided a long time ago that writers should not be encouraged. They should be discouraged. That’s more helpful to a writer than encouragement, because I think he’s going to learn a lot more that way.” I decided a long time ago that Erskine Caldwell ought to stick to writing, and keep his advice to himself.

Original quote in quotes by Erskine Caldwell

Photograph “Writer’s Block” by Marie Coleman © 2010 Creative Commons