In Print and Pixel

The Runcible Spoon, “Bland Issue,” Summer 2014 – Milktoast, A love poem; “Cheap Issue,” Spring 2014 – Buy One Get One Free, a trio of poems

Bethlehem Writer’s Roundtable, October 2013 – Beyond the Gate

Mouse Tales Press, July 2013 –  Twelve Steps

Minerva Rising, December 2012- One Way

Literary Mama, December 8, 2013 – Cat’s Eye

Through the Eyes of Meena Rose (guest post), July 5, 2012The Seventeen Syllable Cure, July 5, 2012

Mel’s Madness (guest post), June 20, 2012 –Meditation for the Fidgety Soul

My Name Is Not Bob (guest post), May 2, 2012 – Is This Really What You Want, or Unbecoming a Shark

Breaking Compromises : Opportunities for Action in Consumer Markets,
Michael J. Silverstein and George Stalk Jr., Editors

The Research Advantage, Where Marketplace Meets Management
  Segmenting for Innovation (with Phil Siegel)
One Size Doesn’t Fit All (with Barbara B. Hulit)

How Running Changed My Life : True Stories of the Power of Running
Garth Battista, Editor

       What Is She Running From?
Also available via Google books

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