The weight of memory


Over her shoulder

Not for good luck

But in hopes of

Preserving the moment

Words by J. B. Everett

Photograph “Salt”  by Kaptain Kobold © 2011 Creative Commons

Runcible Spoon – Cheap Issue – Shameless Promotion

runcible spoonHave you heard of the Runcible Spoon, D.C.’s coolest indie food zine? The visual and verbal swirl in a witty, fun and funky melange. Oh, yeah, it also includes my poetry. Available via Etsy (click here) and Washington Green Grocer or DC shops Qualia, Meeps or Seasonal Pantry.

I’m okay with that

I have said that I hate

The cold

Paper cuts

And broken strings

And brussels sprouts

And running out of printer ink

And people who don’t use their turn signals

Or interrupt me while I’m reading

But then the world reminds me

That I am falling behind

I can take all that hate

And barely fill a thimble

Or tip a scale

Or hurt a fly

And for once

I am profoundly glad

To be below average