Haiku News Review

GOP rallies

Should use classical music

Dead artists can’t sue


Donald Trump’s all heart

“We should help the refugees

Just send the ‘good ones’.”


Serena loses

Venus offers Lifesavers

“You got a whole roll?”


Mike Huckabee thinks

Dred Scott’s the “law of the land”

Is that Common Core?


Late Night cheers Biden

Funny, everyone likes him–

Now that he won’t run


Redbook’s new cover

Featured true sized “real women”

And a workout plan


Hillary, if you

Want to keep emails secret?

Teenage IT team


Fat-shaming people

Is your first amendment right

But you’re still a jerk


If a weatherman

Can pronounce that Welsh town name

Please say nu-cle-ar?


Rick Perry drops out

I wonder if Lenscrafters

Will give a refund


The Pittsburgh Steelers

Say the Patriots cheated

Football caucus race

One comment on “Haiku News Review

  1. aviets says:

    Brilliant. Love, love, love!

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