The Mobyjoe Cafe News Roundup – The week of 3/1

Obama care goes to debate
Nine justices decide its fate
The next dispute they’ll lay to rest?
The color of that effing dress


Google may rank hits by veracity
Their algorithms show perspicacity
Some sites may have to think anew
I wonder what Fox News will do?


Netanyahu meant no offense
But offers up his recompense
If it keeps him in the club
He’ll take Joe Biden’s shoulder rub


Hillary has secrets galore
And now her email hides much more
Will this gaffe be her downfall?
At least she doesn’t “reply all”


Congress funds the DHS
But does so under great duress
The only place where they concur
Is how much their next raise is for


K-Cups’ inventor shows regret
For spawning a pollution threat
But not as much as he laments
Forgoing payment by percent


Climate change is one big hoax
Says the anti-science folks
Whatever the cause may be
This ******* winter’s agony


In 2018, the circus grants
Amnesty to elephants
But Ringling’s not forgiven yet
For elephants never forget


Tsarnaev’s trial has commenced
One hopes that justice is dispensed
The marathon continues on
Because the city is Boston Strong

2 comments on “The Mobyjoe Cafe News Roundup – The week of 3/1

  1. Michelle Elster says:

    You are so clever. Thank you for sharing these.

  2. Gail Kushner says:

    I like your rhyme.
    It is sublime.

    And funny too.
    I like what you do.

    (okay, I’m not a pro)

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