NaNoWriMo – Day 1 Report from the Trenches, sort of

nanoWhile you read this, my fingers are dancing across the keyboard to the music of my next work-in-progress. Either that, or I’m staring at the screen muttering “Write something. Anything, you idiot woman.”

The working title of my NoNoWriMo book is “Lesser Angels.” It’s a dystopian love story, sort of Handmaid’s Tale meets Thor. Shakespeare meets J. Peterman. Trust me. It all works. One of my Twitwit followers said the concept alone ensured success. Since I’ve just started writing today, I can’t tell you much about it, so I’ll tell you about my other great work of art.

My first novel, tentatively titled “One Good Reason,” is about learning the difference between what you think you should want, and what you really want. We all have our personal mythology. Sometimes it’s created for us, a la Luke, you’ll be a jedi like your father. Sometimes we make it up ourselves.  But what happens when myth and life diverge?

To describe the plot in straightforward terms, it’s about a woman in her mid-20s who gets fired from her investment banking job and has to go back to working for her uncle at a family-run company. It’s also a love story–a young woman torn between choosing the right man, and the right man. The bad choice isn’t always wrong, and the good choice is not always wise.

I have a recurring nightmare that I’m back in one of my prior jobs. I think they’ve all been featured in my somnambulist ramblings at one point or another. My prior jobs haven’t been awful, either. One of them I’m downright nostalgic about (you know who you are, you rocking people, you). It’s more the sense of going backwards and having to decide whether to make the same choices all over again. Does one try to recapture what is lost, or build on new ground? Is it possible? Is it wise to try?

When I was actually in the job I’m nostalgic about I said I was going to quit, go back to school, get a Master’s in English Lit and teach/write. I didn’t. So my life is like my novel. I’m working through another set of revisions, trying to get it right. I’m close, I think. I need to fix some elements around the resolution to get to a really happy ending. Whether anyone else thinks it’s worthwhile is yet to be determined, but that’s not really the point, anyway.

If you’re participating in NaNoWriMo, let me know. One can never have too many NaNo buddies, My handle is jnbeverett. I’ll be posting progress on Twitter! @jnbeverett

One comment on “NaNoWriMo – Day 1 Report from the Trenches, sort of

  1. Zan Marie says:

    Good luck with NaNo!
    I think the dreams about past jobs are a truism. I dream I’m back in the classroom with teens who are the worst amalgam of all the worst of my students. Or even worse with little children! Oh the horrors! That’s a nightmare for Halloween night. Have a great NaNo!

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