Blue Just Is

Originally written for F2K

Prompt – Color

A sax sings velvet, blue as king’s blood
But being blue don’t make you sad

The sapphire diamond is treasured, but cursed
No Hope there
Blue don’t make you happy, neither.

Blue ain’t a feeling. Blue just is.

Blue is sunlight snagged by sky
hoarding cerulean while passing on gold
Blue is winter eve, inky dark and moon on snow
a flip-switch from summer, one hot, one cold

Blue ain’t dark or day. Blue just is.

Blue is the yonder mountain
the elusive bird and the rarest moon,
but it’s common and cheap, lurid and bruised
It’s the angel’s eyes and the devil’s dress

Blue ain’t good or bad. Blue just is.

Blue may be true, but it don’t mean a thing.
Blue ain’t a color. Blue just is.

Words by J. B. Everett

Photograph by Gareth © 2006 Creative Commons

2 comments on “Blue Just Is

  1. MGB says:

    LOVE it, Jeannine. It belongs as a song, in my mind. Ever think of composing music to go with…?

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