Two Selves Tuesday – You’re Grounded

Today I’m excited to share another collaborative poem I wrote with the wise and wonderful Sara W. Bartlett. Writing with a partner is energizing in so many ways, from discussing the varied interpretations of a word or phrase to reaching destinations we wouldn’t have found on our own.

She and I have been taken lately with the concept of duality–the simultaneous positive and negative associations within the same concept. Today’s poem started from the idea of grounding.

My son dreads being grounded as punishment. No one wants their wings clipped. Lately, however, I’ve been drawing a great deal of strength from being grounded in my sense of self, the peace of a settled being, even the very strength of feet moving over terrain. Rather than driving me crazy, grounding has kept me sane. Well, as sane as it gets for me.

Like a tree in the wind

Like a tree in the wind
strong-rooted yet lithe
keeping time to life’s music
standing true to myself

Strong-rooted yet lithe
spread my sheltering arms
standing true to myself
with compassion and love

spread my sheltering arms
my golden leaves dancing
with compassion and love
I reach towards the sun

With golden leaves dancing
the drumbeat of my heart;
I reach towards the sun
like a bird on the wing.

The drumbeat of my heart
Keeping time to life’s music
like a bird on the wing,
like a tree in the wind.

Words by Jeannine B. Everett and Sarah W. Bartlett

Photograph by Kurt and Sybilla

3 comments on “Two Selves Tuesday – You’re Grounded

  1. mgb says:

    Lovely metaphor…well done.

  2. Lara Britt says:

    To my mind that is one of the definitions of wisdom: understanding the gift of things we once thought to be obstacles or constraints. Thank you both for such a wonderful thought to launch us all into the autumnal equinox.

  3. I love your tree, Jeannine! (remind me and I’ll send you the reference). What fun to see, even after the writing, how we illustrate joint effort differently!!!

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