3 comments on “Everything looks better with time

  1. Jane Herndon says:

    At first glance this morning I thought your title said “Everything looks better with WINE”. Perhaps a little fraudian. JB, I don’t respond to often but I LOVE your posts. Sometimes they make be laugh, sometimes they make me cry (there’s a surprise) but they always make me think. They also often make me feel less alone. So often your frustrations or comments about your son really hit home. Thank you! I really wish we could all figure out a way to get together.

  2. Donna M. Mastran says:

    I look back to my school years and have some very great memories as well as not so great ones but I’ll hold those precious times always. I love my life and hold dear to my heart those new and longtime friends that I have today and hope to have them as long as I am on this earth. Thank you, my friend Jeannine for reminding of my past, present and my future. Hugs to you.

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